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Workshops That May Be Planned to Fit the Client's Needs


Basic Mediation Skills (28 hours - 12-24 participants)

Mediation is a conflict management process in which a neutral third party, the mediator, assists parties in reaching resolution of the problem that brought them to mediation. Through the exploration of parties’ interests, concerns, and fears, their options for solution, and the criteria by which these options should be considered, the mediator helps parties reach a greater understanding of the presenting problem and, hopefully, of the factors that contributed to the problem.

This basic mediation workshop focuses on an understanding of the mediation process, communication skills, problem-solving skills, agreement writing, and mediation ethics. Mediation skills are taught in a highly interactive format through short lecture, group discussion, focused exercises, and coached role-play.  The workshop is designed to prepare the participant to handle small claims mediation. In addition, this intense four-day experience is designed to hone life skills that can enhance the participant’s ability to interact effectively with others.  This training meets general mediation training requirements for registration as a mediation with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution.

Ansley Barton, LLC will plan mediation training for a company or educational institution and work with individuals to form a class. If you are interested in becoming a mediator for the Georgia courts, explore the web site of the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution at  

Please give us a call at 706-378-5293 or email to schedule your next workshop.

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