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Ansley Barton



Emory University - 1959-1961
         Degree awarded: Bachelor of Arts, 1961
Emory University - 1961-1963
         Degree awarded: Master of Arts, History, 1963  
Emory University School of Law - 1973-1976
         Degree awarded: Juris Doctor, 1976
Georgia State University School of Music - 1987-1992
         Degree awarded: Master of Music, 1992
Loyola University at Chicago - 2006 - 2009
         Degree awarded: Master of Arts in Bioethics and Health  

          Policy, 2009

Academic Honors, Activities and Awards:

Phi Beta Kappa

Emory University Stipes Scholar

Academic Fellowship, Emory University Graduate School

Editorial Board, Emory Law Journal, 1974-1976

Notes and Comments Editor, Emory Law Journal, 1975-1976

Recipient Atlanta Dispute Resolution Lawyers' Founder's Award, 2000

Member, Fellows Program of the Lawyers Foundation of Georgia, Inc.


Recipient, Health Care Ethics Consortium of Georgia Heroes in Health Care Ethics Award 2012

First Recipient, The Chief Justice Harold G. Clarke Annual Award in Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to Dispute Resolution in Georgia 2013

Recipient State Bar’s Sol Clarke Award for Access to Justice 2019


Employment History:

1962 – 1964 - Historian, Georgia Historical Commission
1976 – 1978 - Law Clerk to Honorable William C. O’Kelley, Judge, United States
                       District Court for the Northern District of Georgia
1978 - Associate, Hurt, Richardson, Garner, Todd & Cadenhead
1979 - Associate, Neely, Player, Hamilton & Hines
1980 - 1993 - Law Assistant to Honorable Harold G. Clarke, Justice and Chief Justice,                              Supreme Court of Georgia
1991 - 1993 - Reporter, Joint Commission of the Supreme Court of Georgia and the  State                        Bar of Georgia on Alternative 
Dispute Resolution
1993 - 2000 - Director, Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution
2000 - 2005 - Professor of Conflict Management and Director, Master of Science in
                       Conflict Management, Kennesaw State University
2005 - 2006 - Interim Director, Center for Conflict Management, Kennesaw State                                        University

2006-present - Principal and President of Ansley Barton, LLC.

Founder and director of the Remedy Project, a medical-legal partnership between Floyd Medical Center and Georgia Legal Services, addressing legal issues affecting patient health.

2006-present - Principal and President of Ansley Barton, LLC Frequent service to Floyd County Superior Court as a Guardian ad Litem in custody cases

Writing and Publications:

"A Narrative Approach to Bioethical Decision Making: The Missing Link Between    Bioethics and Conflict Management?" 25 Conflict Resolution Quarterly No. 4: 497-509 (Summer 2008).

With Susan Raines and Timothy Hedeen, "Improving Mediation Training and Regulation Through Collaborative Assessment," 14 Dispute Resolution Magazine No. 3 & 4 (Spring and Summer 2008).


“Recent Remedies for Health Care Ills,” 21 Ga. State Univ. L. Rev. 831, No. 4 (Summer 2005).

“Mediation Windfalls: Value Beyond Settlement?” 22 Conflict Resolution Quarterly, No. 4 (Summer 2005).

“ADR Thrives in Georgia: What Created the Conditions for Sustainability? ACResolution (Winter 2003).

“Who Goes There? New Questions at the Gate,” The Conflict Resolution Practitioner, A Monograph Bridging Theory and Practice (2002).

“ADR in the Georgia Courts,” Ga. Bar Journal (December 1998).

With R. Wayne Thorpe, “Some Important Questions about ADR Ethics,” Ga. Bar Journal, (December 1998).

With Chief Justice Robert Benham, “Alternative Dispute Resolution: Ancient Models  Provide Modern Inspiration,” 12 Ga. State Univ. L. Rev. 623 (April 1996).

Comment, “United States v. Nixon and the Freedom of Information Act: New Impetus  for Agency Disclosure?” 24 Emory L. J. 405 (Spring 1975).

“An Analysis of Les Heures Claires, Eight Songs by Nadia Boulanger and Raoul Pugno,” Unpublished Georgia State University Master of Music Thesis (1992).

“The Political Career of George Rockingham Gilmer: 1829-1839,” Unpublished
Emory University Master of Arts Thesis (1963).

Teaching, Lecturing, Mediation:

Teaching Experience:
           Professor of Conflict Management, Kennesaw State University, 2000 - 2005
           Adjunct Professor, Emory University School of Law, Fall 1998, Spring 2000
                    Subject: Mediation
           Adjunct Professor, Kennesaw State University, Fall, 1999
                    Subject: Negotiating Health Care Issues
          Adjunct Professor, Georgia State University, Winter 1964, Fall, 1966
                    Subject: American History          
Mediator since 1982
Lead Mediation Trainer for Georgia Courts, 1992- 2000
University System of Georgia Mediator since 2000

Mediation Training Seminars for Clayton State University 2005-2007

Mediation Training Seminars for Ansley Barton, LLC. 2007 - present

Professional Affiliations:

Member, State Bar of Georgia, 1976 to present


Public Service:

Georgia Supreme Court’s Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution, 2005-2008
Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on ADR for the University System of Georgia
Member Floyd County Citizen Panel Review, 2002 - 2005
Member Ethics Committee Floyd Medical Center, 2005 to present

Member Board to Determine Fitness of Bar Applicants, May 2009 to 2019

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