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Mediation is a conflict management process in which a neutral third party, the mediator, assists parties in reaching resolution of the problem that brought them to mediation. Through the exploration of parties’ interests, concerns, and fears, their options for solution, and the criteria by which these options should be considered, the mediator helps parties reach a greater understanding of the presenting problem and, hopefully, of the factors that contributed to the problem. Mediation is particularly helpful in situations where parties have an ongoing relationship.

Ansley Barton, LLC provides mediation services for clients throughout Georgia. Ansley Barton has been a mediator since 1982, mediating a wide range of general civil, workplace, divorce, probate, juvenile, and small claims cases.  She mediates court-referred and private cases. Ms. Barton is on the roster of mediators for the University System of Georgia. She is trained to handle deprivation mediation cases and cases involving issues of domestic violence.

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