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General Mediation Training
April 3-6, 2023

Handle conflict constructively and with confidence.
Mediation. Consulting. Training.

How do you view conflict?  Many people view conflict as a threat. Asked for words and concepts that they associate with the term “conflict,” few people offer positive terms. However, within most conflicts there is the potential for a satisfying solution. If managed appropriately, conflict can be a powerful source of energy and creativity.

Ansley Barton, LLC offers a full range of conflict management services, helping individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and government entities to handle conflict constructively and with confidence. 


As mediators we work with individuals to solve problems that bring people in conflict to the table. Through the exploration of parties’ interests, concerns, and fears, their options for solution, and the criteria by which these options should be considered, the mediator helps parties reach a greater understanding of the presenting problem. In addition, we work to address not only the immediate problem but the deeper issues that may cause continuing conflict and damage relationships.


As trainers we offer a wide variety of workshops that help people in education, business, and government develop conflict management skills. We strongly believe that these skills are life skills that can help individuals in the workplace, at home, and in other relationship. Through mediation training approved by the Georgia Supreme Court's Commission on Dispute Resolution, we prepare mediators for work with the Georgia courts and elsewhere.

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